About Ko-ken USA


KOKEN USA and our amazing, authorized distribution network of tool professionals provide the automotive, aerospace, medical, and general manufacturing industries as well as car, motorcycle, bicycle enthusiasts through out North America with top of the line sockets and ratchets for their specific applications. 

Founded in 2012 by Jim Chase, Koken USA began spreading the word about the sockets that "practically sell themselves".  According to Jim, "If we can get them (Koken sockets) into the hands of the consumer, they will never buy anything else." 

By introducing not only Koken’s broad line of standard sockets but also by providing custom sockets, the Koken reputation for quality sockets that met each customer's specific needs grew quickly.

Today, through Jim's faith and perseverance, Koken USA is located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts in a 5000 sq. foot facility with thousands of parts in stock.  Most days, Jim can be found busy at work in the conference room, Chris and Debbie on the phones with customers, entering orders, and providing superior customer service, David accurately scanning and picking parts for timely shipments, and Kathleen looking for more ways to provide you with an  exceptional Koken USA experience.  We are all so proud to be a part of Koken USA! Thank you for your patronage.