Spark Plug SOckets

What makes ours better?

Our Z-Series Spark Plug sockets are extremely thin wall giving them ease of access even in the tightest spark plug cavities. The spring clip mechanism inside the socket ensures perfect alignment every time thus preventing thread damage. The magnet inside of the spark plug socket serves as a protection against dropped or loose spark plugs.

In addition, these spark plugs are crafted with extreme care and intense quality management.

Clip Type

It is designed to grip a spark plug securely at its hexagonal part by two stainless spring clips. 

Internal brass guide holds the clips in place ensuring perfect alignment of the spark plug into the threaded plughole of the cylinder head and thus preventing thread damage. The brass guide also eliminates stress loading and possible damage to the ceramic insulator. 

The ratchet designed for spark plugs

This torque ratchet is set at 25Nm. When torque is loaded higher than 25Nm, the gear slips and no increased torque is transmitted. Cylinder heads and spark plugs are protected by this mechanism.

Part Numbers 3751N and 3751J

We also sell an adaptor that can create similar protected 20Nm and 30Nm torque loads. Part Number 3701

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