We are the North American Source of Ko-ken Tools from Japan.

At the heart of our business lies an unwavering commitment to excellence in the world of sockets and socket wrenches. Our dedication to delivering top-tier quality and performance is exemplified by our comprehensive in-house manufacturing process at Ko-ken. From the very inception of a product idea to the moment it reaches the hands of our customers, every step of the journey takes place under Ko-ken’s watchful eye, ensuring the utmost precision, durability, and reliability.

New 72T Releases, AVAILABLE NOW!

72 Teeth

The patented design of the 72T combines the low backlash, small size, and has a 10% higher torque limit in comparison to the 36 tooth ratchet.

Swing Arc

The legacy 36 tooth ratchets move 10°/click. The new 72 tooth ratchets move 5°/click.

Higher Torque Capacity

The finer 72 teeth design creates more surface area contact with the gear; thus, it has a 10% higher torque upper limit.

Dual Pawl

The design changes include moving from the single pawl of the 36 tooth design to the patented dual pawl of the 72 tooth design. The dual pawl 72 tooth design utilizes a single spring. We took four years of testing to perfect the low spring pressure needed to maintain Ko-ken's hallmark low-torque backlash.

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New 2023 Full Catalog

Learn more about our extensive line of sockets, socket accessories, and socket wrenches in our online catalog.

Within the catalog you can sort through out different tool categories: Z-Series, Hand Sockets, Titanium Sockets, Accessories, Screwdrivers, Impact Sockets, Sleeve Drive Sockets, Industrial Sockets, Protector Sockets, Automotive Tools, Construction, and Renewal Kits

Z-Series Catalog

Learn about our Z-Series line-up. The Sockets within the Z-Series line are thin-wall and shorter in height than standard sockets. This development took place to ensure that our sockets could fit into any situation they need to. Note that the compact design does not sacrifice quality nor strength of the sockets.

Includes listings for NEW 72 Teeth Ratchets and Quick-Release Ratchets!

Impact Catalog

Look into our impact rated sockets, socket wrenches and socket accessories.