Ko-ken Impact Sockets

1/4"      3/8"      1/2"      5/8"      3/4"      1"      1-1/2"      2-1/2"      3-1/2"

The Impact Socket line is expressly made to be used with impact wrenches or power tools with a high torque output and are identified by their Manganese phosphate finish. ​

Broad selection of socket sizes as well as drives: From 1/4” through 3 1/2”. Extensions, joints and adaptors for impact or high torque applications are also available.​

The drive end is designed to meet DIN standard.​

Pin, O-Ring or Ball retainer options are available.​

Specialty sockets

Flat Drive is designed to guarantee a flat surface contact between the socket and the bolt/nut.​

The Flat contact reduces wear and allows to transmit a higher torque value.​

The Flat Drive System is also used for the square drive end as well as the hexagonal or bi-hexagonal openings of the socket.

The beveled flats of the 6-point opening of the PATHFINDER socket engage the nut almost immediately.​

PATHFINDER sockets are ideal for use with power tools in automatic assembly processes, as the power tool does not have to be totally stopped for the socket to engage the nut.

Surface drive sockets are designed to retain contact with the flat sides of the nut in order to transmit higher torque and reduce nut wear.​

These sockets are ideal for using on polished nuts, aluminum nuts and nuts with worn out points.


Ko-ken Tools provides a variety of nut setters: sliding magnet, fixed magnet, and non-magnetic nut setters. These are intended for use with power tools.

Magnetic and Sliding Manget Nut Setters

Sliding magnet system provides bolt clearance and magnetic function at the same time.


The deepened drive end of the KO-KEN Sleeve-Drive tools prevents the sometimes "wobbly" connection between pulse tool - extension - socket. An O-ring inside Sleeve-Drive optimizes the perfect fit of extension bars and sockets on the anvil to the effect, that the exactness of the required torque given by the pulse tool is generally improved. Further, the Sleeve-Drive avoids the direct transmission of vibrations on the pulse tool and finally on the operator.