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1/4 Sq. Dr. Socket Set 7/32, 9/32, 11/32  Nut Grip, 12 point 3 pieces



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Nut Grip, 1/4” drive, Short, 12 Point.  NUT GRIP® is Ko-ken's special design for non-magnetic nuts/bolts to be held firmly in 6-point sockets and now 12-point sockets. The 12-point design consists of three balls held in place by a spring steel ring.

Our nut grip sockets are unique to Ko-ken and truly a revolutionary way of approaching this type of socket. Our fastener holds nuts and bolts in place without the use of magnets. Our system is built with a coil spring and ball bearings on opposing flats. When a nut or bolt is in the socket the ball bearings push out on the springs holding the nut/bolt in place.

Input Drive Size  1/4" Square Drive
Output Sizes 7/32", 9/32" and 11/32"
Type 12 Point Nut Grip Set
Piece Count 3
Includes: *Not Sold Separately*
2455AS-7/32 7/32" 12 Point Nut Grip
2455AS-9/32 9/32" 12 Point Nut Grip
2455AS-11/32 11/32" 12 Point Nut Grip


These sockets are packaged in a bag and not on a rail.

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