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Phillips Blade Through type Screwdriver  PH2  Length 210mm



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Phillips Blade Through Type Screwdriver PH2, a versatile tool designed for precision and durability. With a length of 210mm, this screwdriver provides the reach needed for various applications. The distinctive feature of this screwdriver is its flat hammering head located at the bottom of the handle, adding a multifunctional aspect to its design.

Crafted for efficiency, the Phillips blade ensures a secure grip on PH2 screws, facilitating smooth and reliable operation. The through-type design enhances strength and durability, making it suitable for demanding tasks. The flat hammering head at the handle's base adds a practical element, allowing for light hammering when needed.

Length: 210mm
Type: Blade Through Phillips Screwdriver
Output Size: PH2
Blade through Type: Yes

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