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3/8 Sq. Dr. Torque Ratchet  25Nm  Length 178mm For Spark Plug



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This torque ratchet is set at 25Nm. When torque is loaded higher than 25Nm, the gear slips and no increased torque is transmitted. Cylinder heads and spark plugs are protected by this mechanism.

What sets this torque ratchet apart is its 25 Newton-meters torque limit—a carefully calibrated threshold designed to prevent over-tightening and potential damage to spark plugs during installation. This 25Nm torque level is strategically chosen as the ideal maximum torque, striking the perfect balance between securing spark plugs and safeguarding them from excessive force.

Input Drive Size: 3/8"
Drive Shape: Square
Length: 178mm
Type: Torque Ratchet for Spark Plug
Torque: 25Nm

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