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1/2 Sq. Dr. Wheel Nut Socket  21mm Extra Thin walled Length 110mm Color coded Protector



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Please Note that thin wall design is only for wheel nut work and the torque rating is limited.

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The advantages of Thin-walled design are : light weight for easier handling and flexibility to access narrow work space.

Standard sockets are designed according to ISO / DIN / ANSI norms. However, wheel nut sockets are dedicated sockets for tightening and loosening wheel nut/bolt. Therefore, they are designed according to the purpose of use.

Input Drive Size: 1/2"
Drive Shape: Square
Length: 110mm
Type: 6 Point Extra Thin Walled Wheel Nut Socket - Color Coded
Output Size: 21mm


Spare Plastic Protector: Product Listing

California Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: These products contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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